L is for…Lavausseau!

If you’ve been reading our posts for awhile, you probably know that we have a sister church in Lavausseau. Lavausseau is about a 50-60 minute drive from here, to the north. This church lent our church its legal structure to allow us to rent and use a public room for our services. I also just talked about their youth yesterday!
Whatever the future of our ministry looks like, we want to continue to have fellowship with and to partner with this church. We are extremely grateful that God has given them the desire to partner with us! Please be in prayer as, Sunday, Thomas is going to be bringing the message at their service, that he would be a challenge and a blessing to them, and that we would mutuelly stimulate one another to love and good deeds. Pray also for wisdom to know how we might better cooperate to spread the Gospel in our area.
On an aside, please be praying as we have baseball scheduled at 2pm our time. There are between 10 and 12 kids planning on coming!

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