First Annual Bless Fest 2019 Hits North Jax

Operation Bless Fest is an O.M.I. Urban Outreach  program under the leadership of Elder Charles “Christafarii” Scott. Our goal is to bring hope and opportunity to disenfranchised communities in the high crime areas of the urban core of Jacksonville Florida and eventually across America. With crime on the rise, many local governments are at wits-end looking for solutions that will stop the crime and violence plaguing their communities. O.M.I. International has a 10 year track record of providing effective solutions to decrease crime and violence in various communities around the world.

Due to the high crime impacting the northside of Jacksonville, our team launched a Bless Fest on January 4th 2019 in a secular nightclub on Soutel Drive. We had various Christian rap artists perform, as well as contemporary and inspirational musical guest singers. Needless to say the community was a bit skeptical at first, but once the show started, the house was rocking to the beat! We had a time of fellowship and prayer during and after the event. However, the Bless Fest event is not our solution to the problem. It is only the key to unlocking the door. Our solution to the problem is to build meaningful relationships with the families, gangs, drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes running that area. We believe that by helping meet their needs, they will in return partner with us to build up their community. It is a win-win for everybody.

O.M.I. will be scheduling more urban outreach events over the next few months. It is our desire to do at least one event a month over the next 12 months. With your support, we can make this happen! Please give today!

The official mission statement: “Operation Bless Fest is a collaborative effort put in motion to equip, empower and inspire our fellow neighbors. We strive to uplift and challenge our communities to embrace their gifts and use them for the good of their fellow man or woman. Our goal is to operate in such a way that all who partake of our venues are blessed and inspired to pay it forward and bless others

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